San Francisco Giants podcast with Marko Ukalovic: Giants cutting it close with Dodgers for division race; Giant vendors agree to negotiate before going on strike

Local 2 union members and employees of Bon Appetit stand outside of Oracle Park in San Francisco before Sun Sep 5th’s Los Angeles Dodgers and San Francisco Giants game. Employees agreed not to strike on Sunday and will negotiate with management during the week. (photo from

On the Giants podcast with Marko:

#1 The Giants are in the middle of a nick and tuck battle for the NL West with the Los Angeles Dodgers during the most recent series the Giants and Dodgers exchanged sitting in first place.

#2 The Giants with their recent Covid 19 issues that involved pitchers Alex Wood and Johnny Cueto. Infielder Donovan Solano has returned from the Covid IL list and played shortstop on Saturday, Alex Dickerson joined the Injured List with a hamstring strain on Saturday and is out for ten days.

#3 Recent discussion about former San Francisco Giant Will Clark to be put on the ballot and in the Hall of Fame. Clark who played with the Giants, Baltimore Orioles, St Louis Cardinals, and Texas Rangers hit .303, had 2176 hits, 284 home runs, and 1205 RBIs. The Baseball Writers of America remember Clark mainly with the Giants he almost made the Hall of Fame ballot in 2006 and was voted down in 2018 by a Veteran’s Committee Today’s Game ballot.

#4 Giants food service concessionaires Bon Appetit employees has voted to go on strike because workers say they haven’t had a raise in two years they make $20.75 an hour are asking for a $3 raise, they want Covid-19 protection, health care. During the last contract negotiation between then Centerplate employees and Centerplate management the employees in 2013 who were making $10.25 an hour and were offered a 25 cent raise at the time. The Giants said in 2013 and 2021 the negotiations concession employees are between then and Bon Appetit management.

#5 Employees are pushing for more safety protection because fans are not wearing masks when they come to make their purchases at the concession stands Union Local 2 reported that 20 employees had been infected since the stadium reopened in June and need more PPE protection. The strike was supposed to take place Sunday but was called off as employees agreed to negotiate this week. The Giants have two more home stands left.

Marko Ukalovic is filling in for Morris Phillips who does the Giants podcasts Mondays at

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