Strong effort leads Wolfpack to victory over Bears in season opener 22-17

Nevada Wolfpack quarterback Carson Strong threw for 312 yards and two touchdowns against the Cal Bears is seen here in the second quarter at Cal Memorial Stadium in Berkley on Sat Sep 4, 2022 (AP News photo)

By Michael Duca and Morris Phillips

The Nevada Wolfpack lead by quarterback Carson Strong picked up a season opening win at Cal Memorial Stadium in Berkeley 22-17 against the Cal Bears. Strong threw for two touchdowns Saturday night and let it fly in this contest totaling 312 yards.

The Wolfpack wasted no time answering Cal down 14-0 on the scoreboard after the first quarter scoring for 13 points in the second quarter for a 14-13 halftime score. Strong who is from Northern California and lived just an hour away from Memorial Stadium threw a touchdown to receiver Romeo Dobbs and got two field goals from kicker Brandon Talton for the 13 points in the second quarter.

Strong wanted to always play for Cal but he suffered an knee injury in his high school senior year in Vacaville and the Bears didn’t recruit him and Strong then chose to go to the Nevada Wolfpack. Strong said he always wants to win but winning at Cal was pretty sweet for Strong.

The pass to Dobbs in the second quarter was for 43 yards, Strong said this game will be memorable for him. The Bears in the first quarter didn’t waste anytime scoring in their first two drives. Then things didn’t go as plan for the Bears on offense in four offense drives they failed to execute on three and out.

The Wolfpack took advantage on offense scoring 22 unanswered points. The Wolfpack scored nine points in the third quarter and the Bears would only kick a field goal in the fourth quarter to lose by five points.

In the second half third quarter for the Wolfpack Strong executed a impressive offensive series to score a touchdown. On third and 17 Strong throwing for 17 yards to Cole Turner to get a first down, then a 46 yard pass to Tory Horton on third and nine, then the 43 yard touchdown pass to Dobbs.

Nevada head coach Jay Norvell said that Strong exhibited ability and was able to perform the key scoring plays early in the game, ““He’s just a super competitor,” Norvell said. “He was amazing tonight, just his will and his aggressiveness to wanting to go after these guys and stay on them. I just appreciate him so much in that regard.”

The Bears are back to the drawing board and head to Texas for their next game at TCU on Sat Sep 11th. TCU one the most traditional schools are no easy task the Bears will be studying film and making plans to execute scoring on this rugged opponent.

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