Kuiper to begin Chemotherapy immediately

San Francisco Giants broadcaster Duane Kuiper will take time some time off to begin chemotherapy released a statement saying he hoped to return this season after treatment (file photo from NBC Bay Area TV)

By Michael Duca and Morris Phillips

SAN FRANCISCO–San Francisco Giant broadcaster Duane Kuiper in a statement announced that he will immediately begin Chemotherapy treatment. Kuiper said he will be missing a few games but eventually plans to return later this season after receiving treatment.

Kuiper said he had taken some tests and doctors said he needed to start chemotherapy treatment and said he was confident that he has a talented medical team of doctors and healthcare professionals. Kuiper expressed his appreciation of those around him his family, fans, those close to the Giants, NBC Sports Bay Area, and everyone working at KNBR 680 the Giants flagship station.

Kuiper said while he will be taking a few games off is confident that he will be back to work broadcasting at some point this season. Kuiper’s statement to the media and fans is below:

“I wanted to let you know that I may be missing a few more Giants broadcasts than usual and I wanted to share what’s going on with me,” Kuiper said. “After some tests and visits with doctors, I was diagnosed with a medical condition that requires me to immediately begin chemotherapy treatment. I feel very fortunate that I have an incredibly talented team of doctors and healthcare specialists who will be assisting me throughout my treatment plan.

“And, of course, the support and love of my entire family, along with our incredible fans, everyone at the Giants, NBC Sports Bay Area and KNBR is overwhelming and deeply appreciated. I still plan on broadcasting this season, though I may take a few more games off if I’m not feeling well and I want to thank my broadcast partners for their unconditional support and willingness to step in and cover for me. Thank you for your prayers and for giving me the space and privacy to focus on my health at this time. While this was not the adventure I anticipated, I’m staying positive for a quick and full recovery.”

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