Headline Sports podcast with Jessica Kwong: Super League idea didn’t last long; Met’s deGrom doing it all; plus more

European Super League looks like a memory as fans, players, managers, governments, and sponsors alike were up in arms about the money grab (image from The Sports Chief)

On Headline Sports podcast with Jessica:

#1 Jessica, talk about the proposed European Super Soccer League an idea that was hatched but failed. It would have taken 12 of the richest teams in professional sports and made them an exclusive league. It was a venture hatched by American business billonaires who thought of the idea and they would make a lot of money out of it.

#2 The European fans who are pretty sophisticated politically once they caught win of the idea they proactively protest in the streets outside of their local stadiums, even surrounding team buses and hanging banners against the Super League idea.

#3 There are some players in Major League Baseball who just unstoppable and the New York Mets (9-8) pitcher Jacob deGrom is one of them on Friday night against the Washington Nationals (8-11) he struck out 15 hitters and improved his batting average to .545 helping his own cause with two hits and an RBI.

#4 The red hot Oakland A’s (14-8) cooled off with a loss to the Baltimore Orioles Sunday 8-1. Previously they were tearing up the American League and won two of the first three games against the Orioles. Their 13 game win streak came to end in Baltimore. The A’s have been getting great starting pitching and the bullpen has either held opponents to a minimum amount of runs or just shutting them out for wins.

#5 The New York Yankees (9-12) who are fourth in the American League East they have won three of their last four games after losing six straight games. During the six game losing streak they just were getting the key hitting which recently looks like they’ve turned that around.

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