Golden State Warriors podcast with David Zizmor: Curry keeps topping his last act once again

The Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry (30) goes in for the easy lay up against the Philadelphia 76ers defense on Mon Apr 19, 2021 at Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia (AP News photo)

#1 The Golden State Warriors (29-29) who have won five of their last six games have to be indebted to the performances of Stephen Curry. It’s been a few weeks back but when Curry was out with a tailbone injury you can see the difference from then and now.

#2 Their last loss to the Boston Celtics (31-26) last Saturday was still a war, a game that looked and felt like a play off game and another game where Curry finished up with 47 points even in losing that was an amazing effort.

#3 In the Warriors last game they beat on of the best teams in the NBA the Philadelphia 76ers (39-18) 107-96. Curry topped his previous game performance in Boston this time with 49 points in Philadelphia on Monday night.

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