San Francisco Giants podcast with Morris Phillips: Kapler was looking forward to Nunez as reliever; Longoria to play third mid week

San Francisco Giants pitcher Dedniel Nunez who will have Tommy John surgery will miss the entire 2021 season. Giants manager Gabe Kapler said he was very much looking forward to working with Nunez as his reliever (photo from San Francisco Chronicle)

#1 Morris it was reported on Saturday that Giants reliver Dedniel Nunez will be having Tommy John surgery for elbow ligament transplant for a strained ulnar collateral ligament and will be lost for the rest of the season.

#2 Nunez springs stats certainly impressed manager Gabe Kapler, Nunez who will be on the 60 day injured list pitched 3 1/3 innings, allowing four hits, three walks, and four runs.

#3 Kapler said he feels a lot of empathy for Nunez who had thrown the ball so well for the Giants. To keep Nunez the Giants will have to hold onto him for the whole season in order to keep him for 2022 also he has to stay on the active roster for 90 days, if not he could be waived and could return back to his old team the Mets.

#4 Giants catcher Buster Posey whose had hip issues in the past missed a few spring games but was in the line up on Sunday. With those hip issues from the 2019 season and he didn’t play all of last season how do you see Posey coming into the 2021 season?

#5 Kapler is really looking forward to see how Evan Longoria will do at third base originally schedule to play there on Sunday but stayed as designated hitter because of an inflamed heel. Longoria is expected to play third base by Wednesday.

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