Cal Bears podcast with Morris Phillips: City of Berkeley celebrates big as Bears beat big team

Cal Bears and Colorado Buffaloes final score from Sat Feb 13, 2021 at Haas Pavilion in Berkeley (photo by

On the Cal Bears podcast with Morris:

#1 Morris talk about Justice Sueing and Connor Vanover who left Cal and could have been seniors on this year’s team. If they both were still here what would this Cal team be like.

#2 It’s was college basketball’s version of Joy in Mudville on Saturday night as the Cal Bears (8-15) got in the win column for the first time in eight games snapping a seven game losing streak.

#3 The challenge wasn’t going to be easy either as the Bears faced a tough competitor the Colorado Buffaloes (16-6) and had struggled with some injuries and loses and the odds didn’t look that great before Saturday’s tip off.

#4 The Cal Bears Matt Bradley led Cal in scoring with 29 points and this was a game when you looked at past games during the losing streak and Bradley wasn’t in the line up you could see the difference.

#5 How much of a surprise was it that second place scorer Jalen Celestine who scored 13 points in the winning effort we haven’t heard much of Celestine this year but he really came through against Colorado.

#6 Was this game a matter of a bad team catching a good team?

#7 Cal heads to Washington State this Saturday and the road has been rough for Cal how do you see this match up as the Cougars have been playing some great games this season as this game is Pullman?

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Cal Bears podcast with Morris Phillips Mon Feb 15, 2021 by Sports Radio Service | Free Listening on SoundCloud

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