That’s Amaury’s News and Commentary: A Spring Dream

MLB Spring Training logos for Cactus League and the Grapefruit Leagues 2021 (from

A Spring Dream

That’s Amaury News and Commentary

By Amaury Pi-González

I had a wonderful vivid dream last night. I was at a ballpark in Spring Training a sensationally sunny and spectacular day with perfect weather watching a baseball game, walking among fans, talking to the fans (like I usually do) taking it ‘all in’. One of those dreams, even when I woke up I tried to go back, closed my eyes and see if I could squeeze it a little more…I just didn’t wanted to wake up.

For anybody that loves baseball this is the time of the year when you think about baseball, around Super Bowl time, what is basically a mark for all baseball fans that this is the last big important event in sports, before the doors open to pitchers and catchers and teams go to their camps to start the long journey of another summer.

You become enamored with this time of the year if you are truly a lifelong baseball fan and specially in Spring Training where a hot dog and a cold drink tastes better that anything in the world.

Because it is baseball and time doesn’t matter, but memories do, because they stay with you. For years I have visited various Spring Training camps, did work, got my credentials, media notes, some interview with players, would stay inside the press box, for a few innings, and then mingle with the fans, talking baseball, take in the whole experience, feel blessed and lucky to do something that I enjoy, can report and it is part of my job.

Just remembering what I was dreaming last night makes me happy, like a 5 year old kid opening a Christmas present December the 25th and to think some people can afford a Napa restaurant where an appetizer that you can’t even see in your plate is $100 but there is no way you can get more pleasure than eating a hot dog under the sun and drinking an ice-cold beer. Arizona baseball during Spring.

Then reality hits me. Wait a minute; soon the baseball parks in major league cities this year, their “attendance” will have thousands of people standing 6-feet apart waiting to get to a table, with medical people to inject you with a vaccine, for something that came from hell, to disrupt all of our lives.

Truth-be-said, for the majority of these people that would be the only time they visit their local baseball park this year, because, after all most people are not baseball fans. Many said “good riddance” to 2020 and announced 2021 was going to be a much better year, really?

So far this year is the continuation of a flight that has not stopped its turbulence since it took off and still doesn’t know when it will land. I am an optimist by nature, but I also have my feet planted on the ground. If you were born and raised loving the game of baseball it becomes inescapable for the rest of your life, especially during Spring.

Keep dreaming, not only is free but it is fun. One writer, also a poet that I always admired is Edgar Allan Poe, a great writer that went into the mysterious type of stuff. This is, for me, one of his best quotes: “All that we see or seen is but a dream within a dream”.

Stay well and stay tuned.

Amaury Pi Gonzalez is the vice president of the MLB Hispanic Heritage Museum Hall of Fame and does News and Commentary at

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