That’s Amaury’s News and Commentary: 2021 Season It’s Déjá vu all Over Again

Hohokam Stadium in Mesa AZ may sit empty if the request to the Cactus League and Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred to delay spring training is enforced due to Coronavirus explosion in Arizona ( file photo)

2021 Season It’s Déjá vu all Over Again

That’s Amaury News and Commentary

By Amaury Pi-González

The MLB owners and the Major League Players Association get along just as well as the Democrats and Republicans in Washington and the mistrust is just as bad. It seems if the powers-to-be on both sides in baseball ever agree to (for example) go out to lunch together, then they will argue the time of lunch and probably argue and argue.

But there are outside baseball events (like in 2020) where neither the owners nor the players can control such as covid-19. A recent letter from a Phoenix television station from the Cactus League to Commissioner Rob Manfred (was leaked) and was asking him to delay Spring Training because of the Covid crisis in Arizona. Right away, within hours somebody familiar with the Player’s Union position suggested that MLB pushed the Cactus League to leak the letter.

Arizona cities who have Spring Training camps (15 of the 30 teams train in the Phoenix area) are requesting that MLB delays Spring Training. While owners want the Players Union to delay the start of the season by one month and now received support from Cactus League officials. The Union wants Spring Training to open on time as scheduled on February 17.

Interestingly enough, the other 15 Major League teams who trained in the State of Florida, seem to have little problem, probably because Florida is doing much better with the Covid crisis than Arizona. And as of today looks like Florida will open their Spring Training camps mid-February as scheduled. However Cactus League cities in Arizona want a delay of one month before the teams report to their respective Spring Training camps.

Stay well and stay tuned.

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