Las Vegas Raiders podcast with Barbara Mason: Raiders prepare to go up against Tagovailoa and Dolphins Saturday night

Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa (1) tries to avoid the clutches of New England Patriots linebacker Josh Uche (53) on Sun Dec 13, 2020 in Miami (USA Today photo)

On the Raiders podcast with Barbara:

#1 The Raiders have lost four of their last five games and still maintain second in the AFC West is there still any daylight for the Raiders to make post season?

#2 In the last game against the Los Angeles Chargers the Raiders just couldn’t hang and and the Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert on the final play during overtime reached over the goal line to get six points for a Chargers win 30-27.

#3 The Raiders had little turnaround time as previous to their Thursday Night Football game against the Chargers they had just played the Indianapolis Colts on Sun Dec 13th another game they had lost 44-27.

#4 The loss of Raiders quarterback Derek Carr is huge who will be out from 10-14 weeks due to a left groin injury wiping out his 2020 season. Raiders back up quarterback Marcus Mariota  did well standing in for Carr last Thursday throwing 226 yards and a touchdown. Mariota kept the Raiders in the game despite the loss.

#5 The Miami Dolphins(8-4) are in Allegiant on Saturday this will be a hard fought game for the Raiders. The Dolphins have won four of their last six games Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa in his last game against the New England Patriots threw  for 145 yards and didn’t throw a touchdown but the Dolphins got by the Patriots 22-12. Barbara how do you see this match up?

Barbara Mason does the Raiders podcasts Tuesdays at

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