Las Vegas Raiders podcast with Rich Perez: Raiders take on football’s worst the Jets will it be another “any given Sunday” again?

The Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr (4) was scrambling for daylight all afternoon at Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta against the Falcons on Sun Nov 29, 2020 (AP News photo)

On the Las Vegas Raiders podcast with Rich:

#1 Rich, how surprising was it for you after the Raiders (6-5) came off a three game win streak then lost to the Chiefs (10-1) in a close game but just totally got broadsided in Atlanta 43-6 last Sunday to the Falcons (4-7)?

#2 Raiders quarterback Derek Carr said it was by far the team’s worst game of the season with Carr himself turning the ball over four times for a total of five Raider turnovers.

#3 Carr threw for 215 yards and threw for one interception Carr just couldn’t get anything going when the Raiders got in the red zone and Carr was constantly scrambling was this because he wasn’t getting protection from the offensive line or because the Falcons just were able to force Carr to turn the ball over?

#4 Further more the Raiders were able to score a field goal in just each of the second and third quarters that was all the offense they could muster up. The Falcons came on like one of those legendary New England Patriot teams from their championship days.

#5 The Raiders now travel to New Jersey to play at the Meadowlands against footballs only remaining winless team the New York Jets (0-11) the Jets got whipped on their own home field against the Arizona Cardinals 30-10. Taking that into account do you see this one being a cinch for the Raiders or one of those “on any given Sunday” games?

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