San Francisco 49ers podcast with Joe Hawkes: 49ers take on their second straight first place team Bills on Monday Night Football

San Francisco 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman in his first game back against the Los Angeles Rams had a tackle and an interception in the 49ers win in Los Angeles on Sun Nov 29, 2020 (file photo from the

On San Francisco 49ers podcast with J Hawkes:

#1 Joe last Sunday’s win for the 49ers (5-6) a close contest against a very good Los Angeles Rams (7-4) team 23-20 which do you lend to the win good coaching, defense consistent, or kicker Robbie Gould’s field goal towards the end of the game for the win?

#2 How key was corner Richard Sherman one tackle and one interception from what you saw of Sherman would you say yes he’s back?

#3 Joe, considering the injuries and Covid cases the 49ers haves sustained getting a win over the Rams a first place team in the NFC West had to be commendable all things considered.

#4 Joe, talk about the switch for the 49ers with the Santa Clara shutdown the 49ers now relegated to play most likely the rest of their season in Arizona how much does that change their chances to have that home field feel or at this juncture it really doesn’t make a difference with no crowds.

#5 The Buffalo Bills (8-3) come into Glendale having won three of their last four games and coming off a ten point win over the Los Angeles Chargers (3-8) 27-17. Bills quarterback Josh Allen threw for 157 yards and a touchdown whose been part of the success of the Bills . How do you see this match with the 49ers on Monday Night Football?

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