Sports Headlines podcast with Michael Duca for Jerry Feitelberg: What scenario will World Series be remembered for?; Cal BB player tests positive practices canceled; plus more

MLB vehemently informed Los Angeles Dodgers third baseman Justin Turner seated right of manager Dave Roberts (left) that he was in violation of Covid-19 protocols on Tuesday night after the Dodgers won the World Series in game 6. Turner refused to listen to MLB security to get off the field and came on the field to celebrate with his teammates. A fine and a suspension most likely are forth coming for Turner. (AP News photo)

On Headline Sports with Michael Duca for Jerry F:

#1 The Los Angeles Dodgers Justin Turner’s game 6 positive test was something that was of topic more than the discussion of the Dodgers winning the World Series.

#2 How will historians look back on this series, the Typhoid Turner Series, Tampa Bay Rays manager Kevin Cash the goat for taking Black Snell out too early in favor of Nick Anderson, or after more than 32 years of waiting the Dodgers are World Champions.

#3 Turning to Cal Basketball an unidentified player was positive but was asymptomatic. Cal head coach Mark Fox said that for eight months the program has been using caution and protocols but practices have been ordered to stop.

#4 Pac 12 basketball will start November 25 there is still discussion about safety issues and concerns about traveling to schools where it might be spiking.

#5 Becky Hammon 43, assistant coach for the San Antonio Spurs who played in the WNBA, is a prime candidate for the head coaching job for the Oklahoma City Thunder. She got huge props from former Spurs player Pau Gasol who said coach Hammon can coach period.

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