San Francisco 49ers podcast with David Zizmor: Will Samuel and Wilson injuries lessen 49ers chances against Seahawks this Sunday?

Deebo Samuel (19) wide receiver of the San Francisco 49ers is stopped by a New England Patriot defender during last Sun Oct 25th’s game at Foxboro (photo from Draft Kings Nation)

On the 49ers podcast with Dave:

#1 San Francisco wide receiver Deebo Samuel has a hamstring strain injury that will keep him out for the next two games against Seattle on Sunday and Nov 5th’s game against the Packers which he got during the 49ers visit to New England last Sunday.

#2 Running back Jeffrey Wilson who will be out a month got a high ankle injury in the Patriots visit on Sunday. Wilson who scored three touchdowns suffered the injury moments right after he scored the third touchdown in the game.

#3 Dave the 49ers have a short turnaround after Sunday’s game at Centurylink and host the Green Bay Packers on Thursday night. With the injuries the 49ers have will the short turnaround effect the team in their recovery.

David Zizmor does the 49ers podcasts each Wednesday at

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