MLB The Show podcast with Jerry Feitelberg: A’s asst gm Owens up for Angels gm job; Introducing the Curt Flood Award

Oakland A’s assistant general manager Billy Owens is looking to join the Los Angeles Angels as their new general manager. Owens is waiting for an interview with the Angels and former A’s first baseman Scott Hatteburg said Owens is an encyclopedia of baseball knowledge (photo from San Francisco Chronicle)

#1 Oakland A’s executive Billy Owens who is being considered for the Los Angeles Angels general manager job. Owens is a known for his vast knowledge of talent in MLB.

#2 If Owens was to leave Oakland and so with A’s vice president Billy Beane who is considering joining the Boston Red Sox this would be the dismantling of some of the best baseball minds in the game for the A’s.

#3 A’s owner John Fisher said he has preserved 90% of the A’s personnel for next season but with no fans returning that would put into question the A’s budget to keep employees, it’s real wait and see until spring training.

#4 MLB will have a Curt Flood Award which will be presented to either a living or deceased player who exemplified selfless devotion to the MLB Players Association, and advancement for players rights.

#5 Jerry for this World Series your getting two of the best teams in the game with the Tampa Bay Rays and Los Angeles Dodgers.

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