MLB The Show podcast with Jerry Feitelberg: If Red Sox can’t be publicly traded will that keep Beane in Oakland?

Oakland A’s vice president Billy Beane is exploring leaving the A’s for the Boston Red Sox which would give him a large partnership up to 25% with owner John Henry (file photo from (

On the MLB The Show podcast with Jerry F:

#1 Jerry taking in account that Oakland A’s vice president Billy Beane is seriously considering leaving the A’s how much would the A’s miss his talents, his ability to put together competitive teams and frankly was the best part was his ability to find talent at low under market baseball prices?

#2 Jerry, the Boston Red Sox owner John Henry is merging the Red Sox with Fenway Sports Group and RedBall Acquisition Corp but MLB rules do state against public ownership and Henry does plan to trade the company publicly could that be the one sticking point that would keep Beane in Oakland if baseball clearly tells the Red Sox and their merging companies can not be publicly traded which would impact any investment Beane would be involved in?

#3 The investment number at 25% is what reportedly Beane would invest in the merged group at the Red Sox there is very little doubt that this is profit driven and that Beane to avoid a conflict of interest would sell his 1% ownership of the A’s to join the Red Sox.

#4 Looking at the success of Beane 11 post seasons out of the 21 years that he’s been with the A’s. With a Beane departure and keeping the payroll down and having a post season caliber club how much will that culture change without Beane?

#5 The A’s seem to think without Billy Beane at the top the A’s general manager David Forst has got this, that Forst has been at this quite awhile and can manage without Beane and still make the team a success on a low budget?

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