That’s Amaury News and Commentary: 2020 Baseball – Surprised?

Arizona Diamondback catcher Daulton Varsho puts the tag on Los Angeles Dodgers runner AJ Pollock who slides past in the 10th inning. The question has been does adding an automatic runner at second base in extra innings create more action to the game or a quick conclusion to the game. (file photo from

2020 Baseball – Surprised?

That’s Amaury News and Commentary

By Amaury Pi-González

How many are surprised that the 60-game “regular” season has one week left? I would bet, many, many of you. But this is reality; just a handful of teams had inconveniences on cancellations because they were hit with Covid. Over 40 games were cancelled because of a positive test. MLB did not use the now famous bubble, which was successfully implemented by the NBA who is now close to their final series for the title.

At the end the biggest decision and most successful for MLB was to “contain” the teams to their own geographical areas, East, Central and West. Obviously that restricted flying longer routes across country and therefore risking more contamination.

We have experienced the 7-inning doubleheaders, the “free” runner at second base when a game goes extra innings, the empty ballparks, the thousands of cut-outs at parks, some (San Diego) they even have some mannequins masquerading as fans. Subdued celebrations when somebody hits a home run or a walk-off hit, and soon to come no champagne or beer to celebrate inside the dressing rooms.

So what are we going to end with? With 16 teams advancing, we might have a World Series winner that was a 500 to 1 shot to win. History will show that the 2020 Pandemic baseball named a Cy Young Award winner with 10 wins and an MVP with 24 home runs and 65 RBI and statistics that would make historians question the whole validity of this season.

History will judge this season. And there will be commentaries and many questions ‘until kingdom come’ – Questions like, did they have to play? Did they just play for the money? Some future Hall of Fame careers will definitely be affected by the numbers, i.e., If Mike Trout would have played a regular 162 game season in 2020; he would have ended with at least 20 more home runs. And that logic can be applied to all players of that ilk that are currently playing and could conceivably had 20 year careers.

My grandfather Armando used to say “time heals everything”.

We will see.

Amaury Pi Gonzalez is the Oakland A’s play by play on the A’s Spanish radio network and flaghship station 1010 KIQI San Francisco LeGrande de casa Oakland Athleticos and does News and Commentary at

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