Headline Sports podcast with Barbara Mason: Cam scrum shows he’s ready to instagram and compete; Raiders hang onto win in Carolina; plus more

New England Patriots quarterback Cam Newton (1) gets into a scuffle with the Miami Dolphins on Sunday after Newton said the Dolphins defenders were trying to pull the chain around his neck. Newton had posted a language laced instagram before the game regarding the Dolphins (photo from msn.com)

On Headline Sports podcast with Barbara:

#1 The New England Patriots quarterback Cam Newton got into it on opening day with the Miami Dolphins players. Towards the end of the game on Sunday two Dolphins players were trying to reach for his chains he wore and Newton had to be restrained after the chain grabbing attempt.

#2 In the fourth quarter the Dolphins got within three points when at 4:10 Justin Howard carried for a yard to score to cut the Patriots lead 14-11. The Patriots Sony Michel carried for a one yard run for the clincher at 5:23 in the fourth quarter as the Pats put it away 21-11.

#3 Despite the Carolina Panthers best attempt to come back in the fourth quarter against the Las Vegas Raiders with 15 points on Sunday. The Raiders maintained a four point win 24-20 it was the very first win as the Las Vegas franchise.

#4 Its onto Monday Night Football for the Raiders on Sep 21st against the New Orleans Saints for the Raiders first game ever in Las Vegas with a 5:15pm start. Season ticket holders only Barbara how do you see this match up?

#5 Last night before the Pittsburgh Steelers and New York Giants on Monday Night Football you saw Little Richard sing the MNF theme “Rip it up” instead of having Hank Williams Jr who was previously pulled from singing the MNF theme. Williams had been pulled in 2011 by ESPN for comparing President Barack Obama who played golf with former speaker of the house John Boehner to Hitler playing golf with (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu).” Williams came back in 2017 to do more “Are you Ready” recordings but for this season with all the social justice, Black Live Matters issues, and knowing Williams ultra right wing politics, his statement about Obama which didn’t sit well with the players ESPN made the change.

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