Sebastian Lletget spoils first MLS starts for Quakes’ Cowell and Beason in 3-2 win

The San Jose Earthquakes and the Los Angeles Galaxy get into a mad scramble for the football in the Cali Clasico on Sat Aug 29th in Carson City ( photo)

~ By Pearl Allison Lo

~ August 29, 2020

~ Los Angeles Galaxy´s Lletget gave his team their first and final lead in the 82nd minute Saturday. This broke a three-game unbeaten streak the Earthquakes held in the California Clasico. The last four matches now have seen at least one team with three goals. 

Meanwhile, San Jose´s 16-year old Cade Cowell and Tanner Beason (also his debut) made their first MLS starts and both made an impact. 

It was the Earthquakes´ first match since outside the Orlando Bubble after Wednesday´s match was postponed due to racial injustice sit outs and their first contest since Magnus Eriksson went back to Sweden. 

The Galaxy really amped up their shots in the second half, with over half of them on target. 

San Jose led early. In the 11th minute, Tommy Thompson threw the ball in to Cristian Espinoza who kicked the ball back to Thompson. Thompson then ran to the goal line, made a perfect pass to Vako from the edge of the penalty box, and with no hesitation, Vako spun the ball past goalie David Bingham to notch his second tally of the year.

In the 32nd minute, Cristian Pavón was eventually able to shake off Thompson as they neared the goal entering the penalty box. With keeper Daniel Vega at the corner of the goal, Pavón then made a sliding sweep around kick that Beason was able to knock down at the goal line, no hands required, to save the score. Though that prompted Los Angeles´ś Ethan Zubak to put his hands to his head in disbelief, the Galaxy were for the most part undeterred as they scored in the following minute. 

Daniel Steres put the teams into a 1-1 tie as Lletget assisted with one of his three total corners in the first half.  

Pavon was the only with multiple shots in the first half as Los Angeles largely controlled possession after Vakoś goal. Pavon finished the match with a game-high six shots. 

The Galaxy´s Rolf Feltscher took a yellow card in the 52nd minute. Quakes’ Jackson Yuelil faked the kick before deferring to Cristian Espinoza. 

Los Angeles obtained a second yellow card in the 56th minute. 

It was then Cowell´s time to shine, as he won a one-on-one battle with Feltscher after a pass from Vako. Cowell got into position with two defenders near him and one of his teammates and found his spot to give his team a 2-1 lead in the 59th minute with warranted emotion as the youngest player ever on San Jose. 


Both teams were increasing their intensity as the Galaxy tried five shots in between the 64th and 66th minutes.   

Beason committed a handball in the 70th minute and Pavón was able to concert on the penalty kick in the 72nd minute to retie the game.

Danny Hoseen and Vako exchanged places in the 82nd minute, and in that same minute, Lletget sealed the game off a corner, which at first was debated for being a handball. 

Up Next: San Jose will face the other Southern California team LAFC midweek at 7:30pm. 

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