NHL Stanley Cup Qualifier podcast with Matt Harrington: Hockey is back after a 142 day wait; Oilers and Leafs will be like the host teams in tournament; plus more

Victor Hedmon of the Tampa Bay Lightning goes for the goal scoring victory lap in front of the Lightning bench before the NHL suspended all games in March. Hedmon will be in the line up against the Toronto Maple Leafs tonight at Rogers Centre Arena in Edmonton for the Qualifiers (photo from rawcharge.com file photo)

On the NHL Qualifier podcast with Matt:

#1 Matt after 142 days the NHL is back and the qualifiers begin with five games today it will be 52 games in nine days and the teams involved will have their work cut out for them.

#2 Matt talk about the advantage that all teams have not being able to travel and just to return to their hotel room after games.

#3 The Edmonton Oilers will have home ice in the Western Conference will that make a difference for them they won’t have their home crowd behind them so will it make things pretty even?

#4 Talk about the Tampa Bay Lightning’s Victor Hedman who was not in practice since the Lightining have been the bubble. It was reported he was in Tampa Bay working out but is expected to join the team according to Bolts head coach Jon Cooper.

#5 In exhibition play against the Boston Bruins, the Columbus Blue Jackets forward Liam Foudy assisted on a goal passing to teammate Boon Jenner at 4:27, Foudy got two shots on goals and three hits in 12:45 of ice time and will be in the line up against the Toronto Maple Leafs tonight at Scotiabank Arena.

Matt takes a look at the Stanley Cup Playoffs each Saturday at http://www.sportsradioservice.com



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