That’s Amaury’s News and Commentary: Yasiel Puig with Los Bravos

Former Cleveland outfielder Yasiel Puig is headed to the Atlanta Braves after signing a deal with Atlanta ( file photo)

Yasiel Puig with Los Bravos

That’s Amaury News and Commentary

By Amaury Pi Gonzalez

The Cuban-born outfielder who was rumored to sign with the San Francisco Giants is signing a one-year deal with the Atlanta Braves. Aside from the Giants, the Orioles also showed interest in the controversial Puig.  Atlanta is much closer to Miami, where Puig makes his home, a 1 hour 30 minutes flight instead of Baltimore, or a coastal flight from San Francisco. So, I am sure he is elated to play that close to home, with a contending team loaded with Latino players..

In this short 60-game season that is a week away, Puig can rotate with one of the very best young outfields in the game, the sensational 22-year old super star Ronald Acuña Jr., Ender Enciarte and Marcell Ozuna, all three Latino players to the delight of Puig who speaks English but prefers Spanish.

Puig could easily find himself in another World Series; the Atlanta Braves are that talented of a team. He would probably be their DH when they play teams in the American League, since this season National League teams will be allowed to have a designated hitter. Puig could prove to be a very good acquisition for Los Bravos, or it could also be a disaster, because with him a team is basically ‘rolling the dice’. It is as simple as that.

The great Manuel (Manny) Mota worked with a young Puig when he arrived to the US, and played for his first team, the Los Angeles Dodgers, Mota for years always told me when I asked him if he wanted to manage, he always told me, he did not, because he believed he wanted to teach young players and he has done that very well for many years, especially with young Latino players.

Yasiel Puig had a very dangerous escape from Cuba, he is very talented, I would say he was given some God-given talents that you really cannot teach, but he is also a liability, and there are certain players that do not listen to good advice, they just do what they want to do. I am not one that subscribe to giving players nicknames, but one of the best ever given was from the great former Dodger announcer Vin Scully, when he called Yasiel Puig “The Wild Horse”.

Puig is a very colorful man, he has a big heart and is very popular with the Hispanic community. He used to visit Porto’s, a great Cuban chain of restaurants in the Los Angeles Area and was famous for treating lots of people at that wonderful and very popular eatery. He seems to enjoy playing baseball as much as anybody I have ever seen, granted his “style” is not approved by a lot of people. Yasiel Puig is a fun guy to see play and now he will be wearing the Bravos de Atlanta uniform, his fourth team, so far, since he arrived from Cuba.

Note: KIQI 1010AM/KATD 990AM(10,000 Watts) San Francisco, covering the Bay Area and Sacramento continues as the Spanish radio home for the Athletics as they will carry 26 LIVE home games, all Friday, Saturday and Sunday games as well as all night games from the Oakland Coliseum

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