Headline Sports podcast with Barbara Mason: Fed Ex, Nike sponsorship would be dropped if Washington didn’t change the name and mascot; Where St Mary’s College is with opening up athletics; plus more

Racist logo and name of the Washington Redskins will be dropped after Nike, Fed Ex, Amazon and other sponsors said they would drop out as team sponsors if Washington didn’t remove the Redskins name. The new name of the team has not been announced yet. (NBC Sports file photo)

On Headlines podcast with Barbara:

#1 Barbara, the Washington Redskins name is no more, Washington owner Dan Snyder has agreed to change the name after much pressure. He at one time said he would never change the name of the team but after the demonstrations regarding the murder of George Floyd and racial injustices and the possibility of losing Nike and Fed Ex as sponsors that all changed for Snyder.

#2 Snyder is not doing this because it’s the right thing to do but economically he has no choice but to make that choice and if didn’t change the name after all of that he would suffer economically when his sponsors start to pull out. Is it pretty obvious where Snyder’s heart is in all of this?

#3 How concerned should an athletic collegiate program like St Mary’s be regarding the future of their sports program. The obvious thing with the virus has everyone concerned and most likely they could have an athletic program much like what is happening in the Pac 12 being forced to close it down due to heavy spiking of Covid-19?

#4 Barbara, It’s not going well in MLB not only with the departure of Buster Posey catcher of the San Francisco Giants leaving to take care of his twins, but Chicago White Sox pitcher Michael Kopech has opted out who reportedly was having issues with anxiety and depression.

#5  The Houston Astros pitching staff including pitching coach Brent Strom did not workout with the team over the weekend due to an Astro employee who contracted Covid-19 from someone outside of the organization. At this rate will it be a miracle if MLB could even complete a whole month of baseball?

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