Headline Sports podcast with Mary Lisa Walsh: NHL and Players close to a new six year deal; Only pandemic stands in the way

NHL Players Association statement announcing that they and the NHL have reached an agreement for four years with a two year option (NHL Players Association and Return to Play Committee image)

On Headlines pod with Mary Lisa:

#1 The NHL Players Association has voted to start the regular season through the Return to Play Committee reaching to extend talks for the CBA. Negotiations for the most part went without a hitch as the players and NHL could come to peaceful agreement at some point.

#2 The players and NHL are working on a four year agreement with a two year option. The only issue that both sides were concerned about was if the virus would infect the game and players could still consider to opt out.

#3 The Stanley Cup Playoffs are scheduled to start on Aug 1st at the two bubbles Rogers Place in Edmonton will hold Western Conference playoffs and Scotiabank in Toronto will host the Eastern Conference games.

#4 Mary, the Tampa Bay Lightning’s Roman Polak and Vancouver forward Sven Baertschi have opted out from playing in the post season. The Canucks said that Baertschi opted out and Canucks GM Jim Benning said he knew it was a difficult choice but he understands.

#5 Mary, talk about the economic impact of losing hockey does to a city, we know working in downtown San Jose covering the Sharks that many taverns, retail, restaurants and food places that serve hockey fans are really feeling the hit with no hockey right now.

Mary Lisa is a San Jose Sharks beat writer and does Headline Sports every other Sunday at http://www.sportsradioservice.com



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