Headline Sports podcast with David Zizmor: Mostert requests trade from 49ers; Desean Jackson and Stephen Jackson in damage control over anti Semitic remarks

Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Desean Jackson who apologized for posting anti Semitic remarks is part of David’s commentary on Headline Sports today (NBC Sports file photo)

Headline Sports podcast with David Zizmor:

#1 Raheem Mostert San Francisco 49ers running back expressed that he wants to be traded the request was made on Wednesday. Mostert is paid $2.5 million and is in the last year of his contract. Head coach Kyle Shanahan said of Mostert’s request “all things are true.”

#2 Desean Jackson the Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver who made anti Semitic posts and later was supported by former Golden State Warrior Stephen Jackson later both apologized for their remarks made. Desean apologized first after writing the remarks and Stephen came in to support Desean’s remarks but both have since apologized.

David Zizmor does Headline Sports each Friday at http://www.sportsradioservice.com


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