Headline Sports podcast with Michael Duca: With the US spiking how practical is it to return to MLB; No hub cities everyone from all over coming in; plus more

Ballparks will remain empty through the 60 game regular season and post season as baseball is expected to open by July 24th with no hub cities and teams traveling. Reports of surging cases of Covid-19 could play a huge concern in the opening of the baseball season. This image describes some of the ground rules players will have to follow when returning back to work. (MLB image)

On Headline Sports podcast with Michael:

#1 Michael baseball will be using all sorts of caution when they return one of the first orders of the day no fans in the park and all the precautions taken. In spite of all of that three MLB training facilities had closed and several players have tested positive how practical is it to allow the return of the game when the country is also spiking?

#2 Baseball will not be doing hub cities like the NBA or NHL and using their home parks with that said how risky is it that in cities that are spiking like Houston, Arlington, Miami and Tampa Bay to name a few to return back to action.

#3 MLB said that they will not interfere or get involved in any individual team’s policy but at what stage will they feel they might have to get involved if more and more reports of positive tests come out?

#4 In the NBA the Brooklyn Nets Kevin Durant said if his teammates wanted to play he’s cool with that but on the side of caution Durant said he probably wouldn’t and would just “chill” Durant’s teammate Kyrie Irving said there should be more of a push on the social issues of racial issues rather than return to play in risky conditions.

#5 MLB will soon set the ground rules up as to who will be allowed to have access to work at the park. Could you go over who will have access such as front office employees, trainers, medical staff, camera crews, media, security, custodians, players, coaches, and managers to name a few.

Michael Duca does Headline Sports every other Saturday at http://www.sportsradioservice.com


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