Headline Sports podcast with Matt Harrington: How risky is it that NHL will not quarintine players?; Corona spiking in US as Vancouver drops out to be bubble city; plus more

AP file photo: Fans prepare for the Feb 15, 2020 Los Angeles Kings vs. Colorado Avalanche out door game at Falcon Stadium at Air Force Academy in Colorado

Matt Harrington podcast with Matt Harrington:

#1 Matt Carolinas Medical Center medical director of infection prevention Katie Passaretti said that NHL players who travel together and have been exposed to a number of people to individuals who were asymptotic as the NHL is not planning to quarantine players.

#2 Vancouver is out of the bubble running of the three Canadian cities vying for a shot to host the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Reports say that politicians in Vancouver are listening to local medical professionals who have leaned on the side of caution and said it would be best not to have people from all over who have been exposed especially after learning 11 players in the NHL have come up positive.

#3 That leaves Edmonton and Toronto left to be one of the hub cities but with the recent spike in the states could they back out too?

#4 The NHL Seattle francise team president Tom Leiweke announced that Key Arena that has been newly refurbished will now be called Climate Pledge Arena and will be the first carbon neutral arena in the NHL that will be powered by renewable energy instead of using natural gas.

#5 Matt how safe is it now that the NHL has got report of several players coming up positive for Corona but they will loosen up the rules allowing 12 players to workout up from six players?

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