Headline Sports podcast with Jessica Kwong: Redskins won’t change racist name but will remove founding owner’s racist memory

Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder won’t change the racist name of his team but has removed all memory of former founding owner George Marshall because he didn’t integrate until 1962 (file photo: fanedge.com/Washington_Redskins)

On Headlines podcast with Jessica:

#1 The Washington Redskins won’t change their racist team name but they did remove the name of one their former racist owners George Preston Marshall who was the founding owner of Washington. Marshall didn’t allow a black player on the team until 1962 he was the last owner to integrate in the NFL.

#2 Washington removed Marshall’s statue from outside of RFK Stadium and removed his name out of Washington’s Ring of Fame. His name was also removed outside of Washington’s locker room called the “Redskins History Wall” at the team’s training facility.

#3 Washington said the would retire their second number in team history No.49 Bobby Mitchell who was the first black player to play for Washington.

#4 While all these gestures are in line with what’s politically correct what about changing the team name from Redskins to something else?  Washington has been stalling on a name change team owner Dan Snyder says he has no intention of changing the name and said the name is out of respect and honor for Native Americans. 49% Native Americans polled beg to differ saying it’s derogatory and demand the name be changed.

#5 Washington DC Mayor Muriel Bowser said that the city will not go forward to get behind a new stadium effort for Washington until the team changes it’s name. That said Snyder still refuses to budge as the team is currently playing outside of DC at Fed Ex Field in Landover MD.

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