Headline Sports podcast with Jerry Feitelberg: MLB proposal 60 games full prorated salaries; Dr.Fauci-second wave fears MLB should end post season by Sep 30th

Baseball America file photo: MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred (left) and MLB Players Representative Tony Clark (right) in 2017 at the World Baseball Classic sat down on Wednesday to discuss starting the MLB season in July sources report there is progress

On Headlines with Jerry F:

#1 Jerry Dr. Anthony Fauci said that baseball should wrap up it’s playoff season meaning the World Series by the end of September to avoid the coming second wave in the cold months.

#2 Dr. Fauci in an interview with the Los Angeles Times said he would end the season in September during the core summer months and avoid the cold months of October when temps can get down to the low 30s in some parts of the US and the flu season is back. Fauci felt the fall is the most vulnerable time for Covid-19.

#3 Baseball is at the tipping point and negotiations between the MLB players union and MLB are starting to show progress according to reports on Wednesday between the two sides. As MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred and Union Chief Tony Clark said one on one to iron out roadblocks to get the season started.

#4 One of those roadblocks is prorated play. The owners last offer a 70 plus game schedule at reduced pay for the players that was rejected by the union. In talks with Manfred and Clark on Wednesday the l proposal salaries will be at the full prorated pay and a 60 game schedule starting July 19th. Sources say they had a serious talk about expanded post season play.

#5 Clark and Manfred know there is really not much choice don’t play you already have a dwindling fan base you could lose more than 50% of your fans or play July through September and try to win more fans over. Choosing to play is really the only choice now.

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