Headline Sports podcast with London Marq: Kareem says he’s proud of players from all sports speaking out against racism; Covid-19 spiking NBA players question if it’s safe? plus more

Former Los Angeles Lakers star Kareem Abdul Jabbar said he’s proud of professional athletes taking a stand against racism and hopes for a big change soon (New York Post file photo)

On Headline Sports podcast with London Marq:

#1 London in an interview with Yahoo! News on Thursday former Los Angeles Lakers legend Kareem Abdul Jabbar said he’s so proud of professional athletes speaking up about racial injustice, Jabbar said that when you have someone like LeBron James speaking up “that this is awesome this is going to make change.”

#2 London with the latest spike in Corona positive cases now reaching over 2 million in the US NBA players have expressed concerns about returning. Some of the players have questioned whether or not it’s safe to play in Orlando’s bubble facility at Disney World basically saying there is no guarantee of not getting the Coronavirus spread.

#3 The NBA said if some of the players who choose not to come back because of safety concerns that will not be a problem however those players not participating will lose a portion of their salary.

#4 At the funeral of George Floyd MSNBC contributor and Rev Al Sharpton said that if the NFL and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodall was serious about racial equality and racial injustices he would not only allow the players to take a knee during the national anthem but also hire Colin Kaepernick back in the NFL working in some capacity in the game.

#5 Portland Trailblazers veteran Carmelo Anthony said that he also has reservations about returning saying as far as playing in Orlando there is just not enough answered questions about safety concerns and Melo said he could not commit 100%.

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