Headline Sports podcast with Barbara Mason: Umpire Hernandez eavesdropped on MLB confidential call; Sox GM Epstein says “were part of the problem” on hardly any blacks in MLB; plus more

The Tampa Rays manager Kevin Cash (left) and umpire Angel Hernandez (right) had some confusion regarding moving Rays pitcher Adam Kolerak to first base in a July 2019 game and the umpire crew had to remind Hernandez that using a pitcher in a defensive position the Rays would lose the use of the DH (theathletic.com photo)

Headline Sports podcast with Barbara Mason:

#1 MLB Former Chief Baseball Officer Joe Torre said that crew chief umpire Angel Hernandez eavesdropped on a phone call when Torre was questioning umpire Ed Hickox. After questioning Hernandez about why a 20 minute delay took place in a game between the Boston Red Sox and Tampa Rays. The Rays elected to have pitcher Adam Kolerak moved to first base in the July 2019 game. That the Rays moving a pitcher constitutes they can no longer use the designated hitter. Hernandez had to reminded by the crew that the Rays have to drop the DH and that Hernandez failed to follow up on Rays manager Kevin Cash on two hitters in that weren’t in the line up after the change.

#2 Major League Baseball currently has the least amount of African Americans playing in the game at anytime since the 1950s. The Boston Red Sox general manager Theo Epstein had to question himself and MLB. He also asked why did he hire a people who looked like him and and had the same backgrounds as him and admitted a change has to be made.

#3 Epstein also questioned why there were not many managers, general managers or players of color in MLB that’s something that he will push and that needs to be answered.

#4 Former alums from the University of Cincinnati would like the name of former Cincinnati Reds owner Marge Schott’s name removed from the University’s field. This includes former big league player Kevin Youkillis and University of Cincinnati player Jordan Ramey, Ramey is starting a petition to get the name removed. Schott had said that Hitler “had a good beginning but he just went too far” that remark got Schott forced to sell her controlling interests in 1999.

#5 MLB players have said the offer to play 76 games with 75 percent of their salary is a worse deal than some of the previous proposals from the owners. The latest offer was said to be just a few percentage points in pay above the last offer from the owners.

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