Headline Sports podcast with Jeremiah Salmonson: NBA owners waiting now for agreement from players to re-start the season

“The Bubble” know as the Walt Disney World Arena in Orlando home of the NBA Playoffs and NBA Finals starting in July. No fans will be permitted during playoff games. (photo from http://www.tripadvisor.com)

On the podcast with Jeremiah:

#1 The NBA owners have approved to continue the 2019-20 season with support of 29-1 NBA teams with the Portland Trailblazers opposing to reopen.

#2 The plan now lies with the NBA players who will most likely approve to return. The pay package and going straight the playoffs after playing eight regular games is part of the plan.

#3 It’ll be a like a March Madness set up as the 22 teams will play under a bubble at Orlando’s Walt Disney World. With teams staying at the hotels and playing in the Disney World Arena with no fans in the stands and huge social distancing policies.

#4 Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr wants to get the Warriors mini camp going as Kerr said, “We’d like to get together for some kind of mini camp or two. I’m thinking that the league will allow us to do something, especially given that 22 teams are gonna be playing and eight of us are not. I’m fairly certain the league will allow the other eight teams to do some practicing at some point whenever the time is right.”

#5 For the Sacramento Kings they will not have to face the Atlanta Hawks, Cleveland Cavaliers (twice), Minnesota Timberwolves, and the Golden State Warriors. They also won’t have to face the Clippers, Nuggets, and Lakers (twice). How do you see the Kings chances.

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