Headline Sports podcast with Tony Renteria: How bad is the damage after looting in downtown Sac?; Was Napear tone deaf in his tweet to Cousins; plus more

A Rite Aid store on K Street in downtown Sacramento was damaged over the weekend (abc10.com photo)

On Headline Sports podcast with Tony R:

#1 We wanted to open with asking you about the recent riots in downtown Sacramento feeling are very fragile over the loss of George Floyd that said peaceful protesters have made it clear that the violent attacks in downtown were disgraceful and it was not what the recent protests were truly about.

#2 Former Sacramento Kings play by play announcer Grant Napear who resigned this past week sent out a tweet to former King DeMarcus Cousin saying “All lives matter” in response to Cousins question “what do you think of Black Lives Matter” former King Matt Barnes tweeted that Napear was a “closet racist” was it a matter of Napear being tone deaf or was he being racist in his tweet to Cousins?

#3 With the NBA inviting 22 teams to Orlando to most likely play some tournament style scheduled basketball with eight regular games to determine the eighth seed. There will be 13 Western Conference teams and nine Eastern Conference teams.

#4 The NBA regular and playoff campaigns get off the ground on July 12th and finish with the NBA Finals October 12th isn’t this schedule an overlap into when the NBA starts it’s pre season schedule traditionally in October?

#5 The New Orleans Pelicans Zion Williamson will be summoned to the 11th District Circuit Court of Florida by Judge David Miller. The discovery case will require Williamson to answer whether or not his family received benefits from Duke University where he played in college. This is the second of two lawsuits against Williamson who is also being subpoenaed after he signed a deal with Ford. Attorneys for Williamson said that Ford and Prime Sports Marketing and their deal with Williamson wasn’t valid because Ford wasn’t a registered agent in North Carolina and the contract didn’t include protecting amateur athletes from unscrupulous agents.

Tony is down for Headline Sports podcasts every other Thursday at http://www.sportsradioservice.com


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