Headline Sports podcast with Charlie O: Napear resigns as Kings play by play announcer over Black Lives Matter remarks

NBC Sports California Grant Napear, right, shown with Doug Christie, has been placed on administrative leave by radio station KHTK 1140 Sacramento (photo from mercurynews.com)

Charlie O on Headline Sports:

#1 Charlie O your a full time beat reporter for print and radio covering the Sacramento Kings how surprised were you that 1140 KHTK talk show host Grant Napear tweeted to former Sacramento King DeMarcus Cousins “All lives matter” that has been interpreted as a racist retort said by racist people regarding #BLM.

#2  Napear under heavy criticism from the players and public at large resigned did this come as any surprise?

#3 Former Sacramento King Matt Barnes tweeted that Napear is a closet racist. Cousins asked the question to Napear what he thought about Black Lives Matter and it seemed like Cousins wasn’t surprised about Napear’s answer?

#4 Some of the reporters knew Napear can be standoffish, wouldn’t engage in too many conversations with those covering Kings basketball can you confirm these descriptions from various reporters.

#5 Do you think the fans at large had any inkling about Napear and what Barnes meant when he said Napear was a closet racist?

Charlie O covers Sacramento Kings basketball for http://www.sportsradioservice.com

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