Headline Sports podcast with Barbara Mason: NBA Commissioner speaks out about police brutality; JR Smith chases down truck vandal; plus more

newsday file photo: NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said in a statement he condemns discrimination which is effecting communities of color

On Headline Sports with Barbara:

#1 NBA Commissioner Adam Silver wrote in a memo that he condemns racism and police brutality saying, “Just as we are fighting a pandemic, which is impacting communities and people of color more than anyone else, we are being reminded that there are wounds in our country that have never healed.”

#2 TMZ showed a video of former Cleveland Cavaliers star JR Smith who caught a vandal breaking his window of his truck and got him on the ground and kicked him there. Smith said this was not a hate crime (vandal was white) this was about his window being broken into and he chased him down the vandal and opened up a can on him.

#3 Some of the players have talked about the risk of basketball coming back. If someone was to catch Corona then they would have to shut down the league all over again. Also the players have said they won’t see their families again until September. Are these issues the players are considering before starting the season again?

#4 Barbara is it time to take a knee now? Los Angeles Laker LeBron James is asking “Why doesn’t America love us?” LeBron was tweeting the question as the US was still facing protests in many cities across the country.

#5 More concerns are coming from Detroit Pistons head coach Dwane Casey who said he worries about his eight year old son following some of the George Floyd protests. Casey remembers as an eight year old boy walking into a white school where he said he was not welcomed or wanted. It was an abuse that he remembers to this day and hopes his son will not have to live through.

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