Headline Sports podcast with London Marq: A look back on Roy Steele A’s PA announcer; Kaepernick says Minneapolis right to fight back; plus more

Former Oakland A’s PA announcer Roy Steele who passed away on Thursday worked A’s games from 1968-2005 and returned to make appearances in the 2007-2008 seasons (mercurynews.com file photo)

On Headline Sports podcast with London:

#1 He was known as the voice of God and the voice of summer Oakland A’s PA announcer Roy Steele passed away Thursday at his Auburn home and was the A’s PA announcer from day one when the A’s moved to the Oakland Coliseum in 1968 to 2005 and made appearances during the 2007-2008 seasons. Roy was also a kind gentleman and a Baptist minister when not working at the A’s. Roy now joins his long time friend scoreboard operator Chester Farrow who passed away at age 77 on Sunday. Chester also worked at the A’s since day one in 1968.

#2 On Thursday following the protests in Minneapolis following the murder of George Floyd who was choked out by Minneapolis policeman Derek Chauvin with his co officers  Thomas Lane, Tou Thao, and J Alexander Kueng assisting. Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick weighed in saying the people of Minneapolis have a right to fight back.

#3 After Kaepernick’s statement CNN’s Don Lemon said that it should be very clear to everyone why Kaepernick led the way in taking a knee during the national anthem and why there is injustice. Lemon said Trump calling football players SOBs for taking a knee was a bad message to NFL players who wanted to demonstrate in their way injustices.

#4 NFL owners viewing that a fourth and 15 to replace an onside kick would be an advantage for certain teams declined to move forward with the rule change. The league said that they did not rule out revisiting the rule change at a another time.

#5 The Washington Nationals Max Scherzer says the owners need to show financial transparency as they owners claim they are taking a financial hit and can not pay the players their full salaries when they come back based on revenue sharing. Players have questioned why ownership are willing to pay top salaried players 70% of their salary and lower paid players 47% of their salary. Scherzer said there is no reason the players should have to take a second pay cut.

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