Headline Sports podcast with Jerry Feitelberg: Players and MLB far apart on salaries for return of the game; plus much more

New York Mets pitcher Marcus Stroman said negotiations with players are not going well as cuts in salaries are not sitting too well for the higher paid players (newsday.com file photo)

Headline Sports podcast with Jerry F:

#1 Sounds like MLB hit a snag in negotiations to get the game up and running with a July 4th target date. MLB proposed to the players to return taking a sliding scale with the highest paid players taking the biggest hit and the lowest paid players taking a less of a hit and remaining mostly whole. The players have let MLB know they need to go back and make another offer.

#2 Jerry time is of the essence to get a deal done how much time do you see is needed before it’s too late for baseball by July?

#3 The New York Mets third highest player right hand pitcher Marcus Stroman was brutally honest saying that the proposals by baseball doesn’t look very promising and Stroman plans to dive into some life after baseball projects if there is no agreement.

#4  Oakland A’s owner John Fisher had sent out notices to over 150 full time employees stating that the A’s will furloughing pro scouts by June 16th, business operations will downsize next week in furloughs and salary cuts. Fisher who hardly says anything publicly even to his employees said in the statement he realizes how much this impacts everyone on hand and apologized to everyone.

#5 Oakland A’s longtime scoreboard operator Chester Farrow who passed away last Sunday at age 77 kept track of runners, outs, balls, strikes and information since he joined the team in 1969. We got to know Chester when we started covering the Oakland A’s in 1983 and often sat with Chester and former A’s PA announcer Roy Steele for pre game dinners in the A’s media room for many years.

Jerry is an Oakland A’s beat writer and does Headline Sports podcasts each Thursday at http://www.sportsradioservice.com


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