Headline Sports podcast with Barbara Mason: Will Cuomo’s idea of re-opening sports be huge risk?; Is Ryan Leaf really through this time?

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo meets with the media during his daily briefings regarding Coronavirus and said he will allow the opening of sports training camps for college and pro teams (AP photo)

Headline Sports with Barbara:

#1 Barbara college and pro sports teams are working on ways to get their seasons started but in a recent news report just trying to sit down in a restaurant now will require curtains and gloves with goggles so how are contact sports teams going to function in those conditions?

#2 New York governor Andrew Cuomo has given the green light for all New York’s sports teams to open training camps. Considering the recent contracting of Coronavirus of Georgetown head coach Patrick Ewing and two hairdressers passed Covid-19 to 140 customers in Missouri how is it possible to open up contact sports taking that into account?

#3 Former San Diego Chargers quarterback Ryan Leaf looked as if his life had turned around, he was making speaking engagements about the dangers of alcohol and talked about his experiences of abuse which lead to his downfall. He was making such inroads until this week’s domestic battery charge. Is Ryan Leaf through, done, finished with this latest accusation?

#4 We just talked about the hairdressers who passed on Coronavirus onto over 140 of their customers who tested positive and Patrick Ewing a head coach who was exposed to the virus. Now the NFL said this past weekend that they want to open the season with fans in the stands like in capacity crowds how would this be possible? This is according to Troy Vincent EVP of NFL operations.

#5 Former Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco has signed a one year deal with the New York Jets. Flacco 35 was dealt to the Denver Broncos in the off season last year from the Ravens and threw for 65.3 percent completions and six touchdowns. Does he have enough left in the tank to be a factor in New York?

Barbara Mason does Headline Sports each Tuesday at http://www.sportsradioservice.com


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