Headline Sports podcast with Jeremiah Salmonson: Players and Commissioner still working on a deal; A’s refuse to pay rent to Coliseum Authority

As the Oakland Coliseum sits empty the A’s organization refuses to pay for something their not using and didn’t pay the rent for the 2020 season to the Oakland Coliseum Authority (AP file photo)

On Headline Sports pod with Jeremiah:

#1 Jeremiah baseball negotiations is on between the players and the Commissioner and his staff as to how the 2020 season will start. Amongst some of the key concerns revenue sharing and how the players will get paid?

#2 Another concern is where the games will be played will baseball will they be in Arizona and Florida contained only to their spring training locations? Or will they play in their home parks which would mean more air travel involved and playing in front of empty parks?

#3 Baseball’s biggest concern is social distancing, no interacting with the fans, no high fives, celebrations after games, no sitting together in the dugout, and a new baseball must be in play after every closing play.

#4 Oakland Coliseum management said on Thursday that the Oakland A’s are using the Covid-19 pandemic to get out of their rent they said that they didn’t use the Coliseum in April and will not pay the $1.2 million they annually pay to the Coliseum.

#5 The A’s said they were of the understanding the Coliseum would be used and reserve for potential Covid-19 victims and housing them at the Coliseum where needed. With that understanding the A’s have said they can not pay rent. Coliseum Authority Board member Ignacio De La Fuente said, “It’s just an excuse to try to not pay when the city needs the money the most.”

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