Headline Sports podcast with Barbara Mason: Expect Posey to break out the bats as a DH; Negotiations to start season with players; plus more

San Francisco catcher Buster Posey is expected to excel as the team’s DH when the universal designated hitter is put in place in the National League this season (mlbdailydish.com)

On Headline Sports podcast with Barbara:

#1 There is little doubt that San Francisco Giants catcher Buster Posey will take advantage of the universal designated hitter once that is put in place in the National League if and when the season gets started.

#2 It would give Posey a huge break from the beating he takes from behind the plate and give him the opportunity to exhibit his hitting prowess that much more

#3 There are a lot of fans and players of the National League that are not fans of the designated hitter but they might be outnumbered because from the business stand point it creates more jobs on a MLB roster to have the DH.

#4 Sadly former Los Angeles Dodger Carl Crawford had a five year old boy and a woman Bethany Lartigue who tried to rescue the boy that were guests at his house drown in his pool. Crawford tried to revive them through CPR but couldn’t. Lartigue was not related to the boy and was there at Crawford’s house to film music videos.

#5 Talks still remain as it’s been a week now since MLB owners have put a proposal on the table to get the players to start the season targeted for July 1st. The players concerns were getting their salaries cut to nearly 50 percent and for their safety.

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