Headline Sports podcast with Michael Duca: Teams taking stratospheric loses during shutdown; MLS discussing opening up training camps Jul 1st

photo by @herbling: The Oakland Coliseum as it looked when formerly called McAffee Coliseum will remain empty even if baseball  were to return July 1st because of a mandated statewide shutdown in California

On Headlines podcast with Michael:

#1 Michael we wanted to ask you about the loses during this pandemic that local teams are taking we’ll start with the San Francisco Giants although they made their last payment for Oracle Park the team is losing about 60% of it revenue that’s normally generated by the gate.

#2 The Oakland A’s biggest break is the rent they get playing at the Oakland Coliseum but are still taking a loss at $21.6 million. They earned $225 million last season. The A’s have been known to cut operating costs this will be no different when they return at the possible earliest in July.

#3 The Golden State Warriors who are in the first year of paying for Chase Center and the pandemic was the last thing they needed. They had to lay off 1700 employees and are facing a $30.4 million loss in revenue when they were projected to gross $440 million this season.

#4 The San Jose Sharks who were not selling out their games in the first place are projected to lose $8.9 million in the event the NHL does not return this season. The loses would have been in the three figure margin if they had lost the whole season.

#5 The San Jose Earthquakes barley started the MLS season hosting just two games before their they had to suspend the season. There has been discussion to start training camps and hope to play all their games in Florida by June 1st.   How a risky proposition is it for pro soccer to return?

Michael Duca does Headline Sports podcasts every other Saturday at http://www.sportsradioservice.com

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