Headline Sports podcast with Barbara Mason: Players and MLB on starting season July 1st

MLB Baseball and the players negotiated on Tuesday to play the regular season starting July 1st (MLB opening day baseballs image wsj.com)

Barbara Mason on Headlines Sports podcast:

#1 Barbara MLB was discussing today ways to open up the season with a target date of July 1st. The biggest concern is safety and how to prevent Covid-19 getting into the park and all the precautions for the players, front office staff, media, security, scouts, medical and trainer staff and so forth.

#2 The gate revenue will be 51 percent local gate revenue and 49 percent MLB total revenue. The players would receive an agreed upon amount of this revenue.

#3 Baseball at the very latest could start August 1st and run through October 31st. It would be an 81 game schedule with teams playing regionally only West, Central and East in each of the American and National Leagues.

#4 MLB said that teams would share 48% of it’s revenue with the players and the owners came away optimistic that the players would be on board with the idea when the go to vote on it on Tuesday.

#5 This will be the first time in MLB history that revenue will be lost at 20% but the owners were just relieved to get something in front of the players union and get some daylight into opening up the MLB season.

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