Headline Sports with Morris Phillips podcast: MLB owners on conference call today with players to open season July 1st

New York Yankees owner Hal Steinbrenner and MLB owners will be on a conference call with player representatives to go forward in starting the MLB season on July 1st (New York Daily News file photo)

On Headline Sports with Morris Phillips podcast:

#1 MLB is holding a conference call today regarding opening the regular season on July 1st. The discussion will include where they’ll play, the schedule will be done, social distancing and mandatory mask wearing.

#2 MLBPA executive and St Louis Cardinals pitcher Andrew Miller said that there will be no agreement until MLB can guarantee the safety for it’s players, coaches, umpires and family.

#3 Morris until there is some guarantee for the safety of the players and MLB personnel which also includes the news media covering the events there might not be a baseball season.

#4 Also the players want their a guaranteed salary before they get back on the field. In the event one or more persons are positive during the season and they have to suspend play again the players want a guarantee that they will be paid for the season.

#5 Baseball is proposing playing in regional home parks of the NL East and AL East and AL West and NL West for 80 games with no fans.

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