Headline Sports podcast with London Marq: They fought together and won Championships together The Last Dance with Michael Jordan continues; plus much more

Steve Kerr and Michael Jordan celebrate one of many great moments as teammates on the Chicago Bulls. Kerr does recall the time when Jordan gave him a black eye during practice as practice got competitive and Kerr said the experience was “weird” (file photo from ESPN)

Headline Sports pod with London:

#1 In the ESPN Michael Jordan documentary “The Last Dance” Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr who played with Jordan during those championship years 1996-98 got into a scuffle during a practice and got a black eye from Jordan who later called Kerr to apologize and Kerr said that call reset the relationship as the two respected each other going forward.

#2 In the 1997-98 season Scottie Pippen was nearly traded from the Bulls because he said he was underpaid in part 2 of Last Dance Jordan says he felt that Pippen was being selfish. But being underpaid during that period still bothers Pippen who Jordan calls the best teammate he ever had.

#3 Pippen talked about the 1998 season being the last season that that nucleus of Rodman, Jordan, and the whole team would be together before breaking up as all of those players were free agents after that season. They pulled it together one more time and who would forget Jordan’s buzzer beater to beat the Utah Jazz to win their last championship.

#4 London your old beat Major League Soccer has MLS players from Orlando City and Sporting Kansas City arriving for practice not mandated but players who do arrive are getting medical exams and their temperature taken is this an indication that soccer could be back and soon?

#5 I know for you who covered the MLS and the San Jose Earthquakes that had to be a special time but knowing the players and how the MLS worked it has to be a cautious but yet some light at the end of the tunnel moment that they could have the opportunity to be to get back to work.

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