Headline Sports podcast with Jerry Feitelberg: ESPN documentary “Long Gone Summer” featuring McGwire and Sosa in 1998; plus much more

Former St Louis Cardinal Mark McGwire (left) and Former Chicago Cub Sammy Sosa (right) celebrate their home run filled season in 1998 which is part of a ESPN documentary “Long Gone Summer” debuting in June (Chicago Tribune file photo)

On Headline Sports pod with Jerry F:

#1 Businesses are starting to open up but there have been reports from places like Tyson Meats and Amazon of recurring cases of Covid-19 is it a no brainer to say baseball is something that is in the far distant future.

#2 Jerry the ESPN documentary “Long Gone Summer” is coming out which features the Summer of 1998 the home run derby between Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa do you see this one being as successful as “The Last Dance”.

#3 Neither Sosa or McGwire give many interviews and especially on the subject of steroids how much will viewers need to expect that the subject of steroids and that their records are tainted with Sosa and McGwire will come up in the documentary?

#4 MLB PA representative Tony Clark says not so fast to coming back July 1st as MLB is reportedly setting a date to return to action. Amongst the issues at hand for the players union Clark said the players need to know what is happening and the players union hasn’t got a formal proposal.

#5 The ESPN deal to broadcast Korean Baseball Organization games have gone over big. With millions of unemployed people due to the shutdown they can stay up late watching live baseball from South Korea during the wee hours of the morning.

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