Headline Sports podcast with Barbara Mason: Were the women’s soccer team punished for their success?; plus much more

The United States Women’s National Team poses for a team photo before a SheBelieves Cup women’s soccer match against Japan, Wednesday, March 11, 2020 at Toyota Stadium in Frisco, Texas. (AP file photo)

On Headline Sports with Barbara:

#1 On Friday Judge R.Gary Klausner ruled against the US Women’s soccer team who sued the US Soccer team for underpaying them less than the men’s team.

#2 The women’s soccer team played 111 games between Feb 2015-Nov 2018. The men’s team played 87 games . The women’s team during that time earned $24.5 million or $220,747 per woman. The men’s team earned $18.5 million, $212,638 per man. Giving the women more money per game.

#3 The argument is that the women’s success was used against them in court and the men’s team had played less games because they failed to make the playoffs and the women’s won the cup playing more games.

#4 In the Michael Jordan documentary “Last Dance” Chicago writer Sam Smith quoted Jordan in 1995 after being asked why he didn’t support Democratic Harvey Gantt who was running against Republican Jesse Helms for Illinois senator who was a well known racist. Jordan told Smith that he wasn’t into politics and reportedly told Smith “I’m not into politics, Republicans buy shoes too.” But according to Jordan spokesperson Estee Portnoy she told the Slate in 2016 that Jordan never said it.

#5 ESPN has struck a deal with the Korean Baseball Organization saying they will broadcast at least one Korean baseball game a day six games total a week. Karl Ravech, Jessica Mendoza, Eduardo Perez, Boog Sciambi and Kyle Peterson will serve as the in studio play by play and analysts during each game.

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