Headline Sports podcast with Morris Phillips: Matt Keough was part of the A’s five aces

si.com file photo: The Five Aces of the Oakland A’s in 1981 Rick Langford, Steve McCatty, Brian Kingman (left to right top) and Matt Keough and Mike Norris (left to right front)

On Headlines pod with Morris:

#1 Former Oakland A’s pitcher Matt Keough who passed away on Saturday was remembered for his days with those Billy Martin teams in the early 80s after going a career worst  2-17 in 1979 Keough came right back with a 16-13 the next season.

#2 Keough was part of a solid pitching rotation for the A’s which consisted of Mike Norris, Brian Kingman, Steve McCatty, and Rick Langford.

#3 Keough pitching on that 1981 Oakland A’s team that went to the playoffs during the strike shortened season going 10-6. The A’s did lose to the Yankees in post season.

#4 Billy Martin led that colorful team and Billy’s antics were just as colorful with the Billy Ball brand of baseball of speed and stealing bases and pitchers almost throwing the distance and going to the bullpen if he had to.

#5 Keough also was a team executive for the A’s who gave advice to pitchers on the team and team vice president Billy Beane said that Keough left an unforgettable impression on everyone he touched in baseball.

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