Headline Sports podcast with Marko Ukalovic: US hits one million Covid-19 cases but pro sports could open soon; Did Brady violate NFL rules with intended coach visit?; plus more

Former Arizona Cardinal assistant coach and current Tampa Bay Bucs offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich was Bucs quarterback Tom Brady’s intended house to visit but Brady accidently walked into the wrong house raising the ire of NFL teams about doing business during the Covid-19 quarantine (Arizona Cardinals file photo)

On Headline Sports with Marko:

#1 With one million Coronavirus cases reported in the US does it somewhat surprise you that professional sports wants to get back to business and that a number of states are open for business.

#2 Did Tampa Bay Bucs quarterback Tom Brady violate the rules when he accidently walked into the wrong house looking for Buc offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich

#3 New England Patriots kicker Justin Rohrwasser said he will remove a far right wing militia group tattoo from his arm called the Three Percenters. Rohrwasser said he thought this was a colonists tattoo that supported them in their fight against the British during the Revolutionary war. It turned out that it was a far right wing tattoo. The Three Percenters say their not a racist group but when the Black Lives Matters group were protesting the murder of Michael Brown by a Ferguson Policeman the Three Percenters facebook page got numerous racist comments on their facebook page.

#4 In the Jordan documentary “Last Dance” on ESPN former Detroit Piston Isiah Thomas said that before the Bulls swept the Pistons in 1991 with the Bulls on the verge in Detroit Thomas said the Bulls had a press conference saying the Pistons were bad characters and play dirty that’s when the Pistons decided they were not going to shake hands after the game with the Bulls and walk off.

#5 Marko talk about Manuel Wiederer of the San Jose Barracuda being named the 2019- 2020 IOA/American Specialty Man of the Year with three goals, nine assists and 12 points.

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