Headline Sports podcast with Morris Phillips: Michael Jordan documentary also gets some insight into who Dennis Rodman was; Red Sox penalty doesn’t sit too well with Big Papi; plus more

Michael Jordan sits for the production of Last Dance a documentary on Jordan with ESPN production director Jason Hehir (right) (from Steve Green twitter @stevebruin)

On Headline Sports with Morris:

#1 In the Michael Jordan documentary “Last Dance” which is getting stratospheric viewership the subject of Jordan’s former teammate Dennis Rodman came up and that Rodman sought the celebrity lime light but it came at a cost a complicated figure and who was one of the NBA’s best rebounder’s in the league.

#2 On the making of the “Last Dance” while sitting down with Jordan ESPN director Jason Hehir said that Jordan was as polite and as mannered as he could be saying to staff members during the filming calling them “sir” and ma’am. Hehir said that Jordan is a Southern kid at heart and got to see the inner workings of his well mannered self during the production.

#3 Morris 55 million viewers tuned into the NFL draft was this a matter of people really interested to see who will get drafted into the NFL or was it fans just hungry for sports content no matter what it is?

#4 Former Boston Red Sox David Ortiz said of the Red Sox losing a draft pick after MLB penalized the team for sign stealing saying on a Fox Sports digital cast that “What happened in Boston is what everybody is doing in the league right now, and I think the punishment was not fair.”

#5 Usually a good attitude helps when your sick or your trying to recover and that’s no exception in the case of former Los Angeles Dodger radio broadcast legend Vin Scully who took a fall at his house and was hospitalized last week Tuesday and even joked about the injury saying no more head first slides returned home and is reportedly resting comfortably.

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