Headline Sports podcast with Michael Duca: A look at some of the greatest pitchers to ever play the game

Former Dodger pitcher Juan Marichal (right) and former Dodger catcher John Roseboro (left) pose in this 1980s photo

On Headline Sports with Michael Duca:

#1 MLB.com has been running a lot of trivia and a look back some of the best players over the years. We’ll start with former San Francisco Giant and Hall of Famer and everybody’s favorite Juan Marichal he had five seasons of 20 or more wins and 13 of them was with the Giants.

#2 Was former Los Angeles Dodger pitcher Don Drysdale most feared because of the kind of pitches that he can throw or was it because he can come inside and knock down a hitter?

#3 St Louis Cardinal Bob Gibson he was a force out on the mound and he seemed like another pitcher that could throw high and inside if he had to. Was he a lot like Drysdale that way?

#4 He had three 20 game winning seasons and was a pitcher that kept hitters off balance it was that kind of motion that forced him to retire early but when Sandy Koufax retired he went down in MLB history as one of the greatest pitchers in the game.

#5 Former San Francisco Giant Gaylord Perry had two 20 game winning season for the Giants if someone would ask what Gaylord’s best pitch was everyone knew the answer even though Perry would give you a different answer.

Michael Duca does Headline Sports each week at http://www.sportsradioservice.com


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