Headline Sports podcast with Marko Ukalovic: What a Brady-Gronk reunion means for Bucs; Jordan’s Last Dance draws 6.1 million viewers; plus more

Rob Gronkowski (87) and Tom Brady (12) are excited to be reuniting in Tampa Bay this season after Gronkowski signed a deal with his new team the Tampa Bay Bucs (yahoo.sports.com)

On Headline Sports pod with Marko:

#1 What does it mean for the Tampa Bay Bucs and their quarterback Tom Brady to have tight end Rob Gronkowski uniting with Brady for this season.

#2 Gronkowski has not played since 2017 how ready do you see him after a two year layoff?

#3 Marko talk about ESPN’s “Last Dance” documentary on the Chicago Bulls Michael Jordan’s last championship with the Bulls. The documentary got 6.1 million watching.

#4 Minor league baseball is planning to eliminate at least 42 teams which would include the San Francisco Giants minor league affiliate in Keizer Oregon and the Oakland A’s affiliate in Burlington VA.

#5 The San Jose Giants single A club is a huge part of the San Jose community how do you see their security as a minor league organization avoiding the chopping block.

Marko Ukalovic does Headline Sports each Wednesday at http://www.sportsradioservice.com

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